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Gainesville College Students & National Car Accident Statistics

In the US, car accidents are the leading cause of death among College students. The severity of these car accidents and the severity of the injury is due to the involvement of alcohol and or road conditions. Kids in college tend to be less cautious when driving because they are in their so called “Prime Years” and they think nothing will ever happen to them, but that’s not true. The rate of college car accidents are on the rise. Frank Kolosky, Owner of University Collision Center of Gainesville, FL, unfortunately sees these vehicles first-hand right after an accident has taken place. Here are four main reasons you should pay attention to when getting behind the wheel: 
SPEEDING All of these things are very preventable though. One of the leading causes is speeding. College students can be more aware of their speed especially when the road conditions are not so great. This little thing can save so many lives and bring down the rate of college student car accidents.
TEXTING AND DRIVING Another thing that can save a life is not texting and driving. Texting and driving increases the probability of having a wreck. Texting and driving is the easiest thing that can be prevented. You could try putting your phone on airplane mode or do not disturb so you are not tempted to look at your phone when you get a message or notification.
DROWSY DRIVING Drowsy driving is another big cause to car accidents, especially with college students. College students go out late to parties or to hang with friends and they are so caught up in having a good time they do not realize how tired and out of it they really are. Drowsy driving can be prevented you need to think before getting into the driver's seat and be honest with yourself. 
DRUNK DRIVING Drunk driving is the most unsafe thing you can do. We mainly see College kids getting behind the wheel after they have had one to many drinks. They think they are ok because they do not see how under the influence they really are. This can be prevented, if you are out at a party have a designated driver who can take you from point A to point B because no one wants to lose a loved one. Ask yourself this question before getting into the drivers seat, Am I capable of driving? Is this a good idea? If you ask yourself these questions then you are on the right path to safe driving. No one wants to lose a loved one especially not their child in college. 


July 13, 2000 – Gainesville, FL- University Collision Center of Gainesville, FL is a family owned and operated business proudly serving the community of Gainesville, FL. Built by Frank E. Kolosky who started the business from scratch in an empty warehouse building 18 years ago. Frank has been in the industry for 40 years now, starting his career in the paint and body industry at the age of 15.

“My love and experience in the field has allowed me to be where I am today and helping others in the community along the way,” states Frank E. Kolosky. Mr. Kolosky further states, “I had a passion for drawing cars. I used to paint all my Matchbox® cars and painted my friends toys as well. Getting into the business was all out of a strong passion for the industry and for the love of painting cars.”

Mr. Kolosky have dedicated time and donated to several charitable organizations in the Gainesville community. Some of which are: Tyler’s Hope, a charity focused on finding ways to cure and find effective treatments for Dystonia; The Humane Society of North Central Florida, to support the homeless pets and the pet supply store; The Rotary Club of Gainesville, supporting and lifting up the community through kinds acts and impactful gestures; and The Gatorball Foundation, a charity that supports the lives of young athletes to help them reach their full potential, on and off the field. When families build businesses together, it is a journey and learning path for the not faint of heart.

When you have a support system like the one Frank has, both in business and in his families lives, one must wonder how he does it: ""Family is the building blocks of your past and your future. Good and bad, it builds who you are. We stand out from all the other businesses with our quality of work, customer service, satisfaction and our passion, which we bring those same qualities and attention to our customers feelings during their auto repair process. Furthermore, I wanted to leave a legacy and be in control of my family’s future. Being in the business has brought me great joy.” - Frank Kolosky.